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Optics development

When using laboratory instrumentation, a high efficiency is the prerequisite for the performance of the instrumentation in order to avoid long measuring times. For this purpose adapted optics are mandatory which differ to synchrotron radiation equipment due to the specific requirements of the laboratory sources.

For such optics new characterization procedures are necessary, which also have to rely on laboratory equipment. We collaborate closely with different companies for the optimization of novel optics.

In a cooperation with the Optigraph GmbH mosaic crystal optics fabricated with highly annealed pyrolytic graphite (HAPG) have been characterized and a new methodology was developed for the process control. These optics enable chemical speciation using highly resolved XAFS and XES measurements with a conventional microfocus X-ray tube.

With the Axo Dresden GmbH novel collecting optics based on multilayer (ML) mirrors are developed for the use with isotropically emitting sources, like our laser-produced plasma source. These optics work in the soft X-ray range and are required to have a large solid angle of collection.

Point of contact: Christopher Schlesiger (HAPG), Wolfgang Malzer (HAPG), Ioanna Mantouvalou (ML)

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