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mini GEXRF spectrometer

The mini GEXRF spectrometer with controll units.

The spectrometer allows simple detection of angular dependent fluorescence intensities for investigation of elemental depth profiles / layer stacks. The depths sensitivity is in the range of about 100 nm to a few micro meters.

research project: Angle-resolved XRF


Mo microfocus X-ray tube, 50 kV, 600 μA
3 different collimators (1, 2, 3 mm), 3 filters (250 μm Al, 20 μm Ti or 15 μm Ni)
Scanning free geometry via CCD detector (ΔE = 224 eV @ Cu Kα, Δθ ≈ 0.02°, θmax 17°)
Sample dimensions: (7 - 25) mm × (2 - 40) mm






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