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AnImaX endstation

Scanning X-ray microscope using a zone plate for focussing, an Quad SDD detector for fluorescence imaging and a phosphor sceen CCD camera for transmission.

The AnImaX endstation is used for X-ray microscopy in the soft and tender X-ray range. Its movable and flexible design allows the operation at several synchrotron beamlines and a quick change of the full field (TXM) mode to the scanning mode (STXM).

It is equipped with 4 3-dimensional piezo scrawlers to align the optical devices and the sample to the optical axes. For tomography the sample stage can be rotated and a precise 3-dimensional piezo scanner is used for STXM.

In STXM mode a 4-channel SDD is used for lateral resolved X-ray fluorescence analysis.


research project: X-ray microscopy


flexible design for TXM and STXM @ 10-7 mbar
Energy range: ca. 250 eV to 3000 eV
SDD: 4-channels, up to 1.1 sr solid angle, 127 eV resolution at Mn Kalpha
CCD: fast read out (> 500 frames/s without binning), 128 x 128 pixel, 13.5 µm x 13,5 µm pixel size, visible light optics: 3 zone plates (ZP) for STXM, 2 condensor ZP and 1 µZP for TXM
absorption contrast, phase contrast, dark field, fluorescence (only for STXM)
cryo-sample stage with sample preparation possibilities
ca. 30 nm resolution (TXM), sub 100 nm resolution (STXM)




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