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X-ray emission spectrometer

With the X-ray emission spectrometer chemical speciation of bulk samples is possible.

X-ray Emission spectrometer for chemical speciation with a HAPG crystal as dispersive element. The high efficiency of the optic allows the setup to measure the Kß and Valence-to-Core (VtC) transitions even for diluted samples (minimal sample amount ~10mg).


 research project: Chemical speciation with hard X-rays: XAS and XES

Spectral resolving Power: around E/ΔE = 1800
Energy range: 3600 - 16000 eV in first oder of reflection
Efficiency: Highly energy dependent: Solid angle of detection for 8 keV: 0,8 msr. For a solid Cu sample the spectrometer detects 6100 ph/s in the Kß mainline (K-M2,K-M3). Solid angle of detection for 16 keV: 0,035 msr. Solid Zr: 30 ph/s in the Kß mainline
Excitation channel: 50 W tungsten microfocus x-ray tube combined with a 20 µm focusing polycapillary lens




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